What We Do

Sometimes you are faced with critical decisions, sometimes you need to undertake an urgent project – but your management is busy running the everyday business. 

In such times, our Big River partners seamlessly join with your team to provide the expertise and leadership essential for successful execution, from concept to completion.

We work with you and your management team in the following ways:

Strategy & Leadership

    • Strategic Direction & Planning
    • Interim and Part-time Executive
    • Advisory and Board Governance
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Marketing to Drive Sales

    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Interactive Digital and Social Media
    • Brand Strategy and Market Position
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Corporate Finance

    • Debt & Equity Capital Raise
    • Target and Acquire a Competitor
    • Prepare the Company for Sale
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Operations Changes

    • Restructuring
    • Reengineer Work Processes & Systems
    • Productivity Improvement Programs
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Rapid Assessment

Our rapid assessment includes a comprehensive review and analysis of your company’s strategy, marketing, operations, finance, leadership and governance.  We customize each rapid assessment to fit the needs of our client.

We can research competitors for strategic position, evaluate a targeted acquisition, or deep dive into a business coming out of recessionary times that has lost its initiative or its ability to grow.