Strategy & Leadership

Strategic Direction and Plans

The strategic plan is the roadmap for success; it provides direction and focus for organic and acquisitive growth.

With involvement of management and staff throughout the organization we lead a common sense initiative. We establish the planning process, we help with the preparation of the business plan documents, and the financial model to validate the plan. Once things are set in motion, we facilitate, coach and provide direction so the team is able to execute the plan and achieve the vision.

Interim (or Part-Time) Executive

As interim executive we work within a company, filling a position that has gone vacant due to resignation, termination, or having deceased.

We provide multiple services, stepping in to a critical position, helping to select the permanent replacement, and moving forward with important changes. We bring an outside perspective, with no biases, no sacred cows, and no politics. We observe and listen, quickly identify problems and opportunities, and implement solutions and action plans.

Governance – Board of Directors 

We provide direction and teachings aimed at enhancing board effectiveness, improving the selection of members and honing responsibilities to address anticipated regulatory changes.

In order to better advise clients on governance,

Big River’s Eric Sigurdson attended “Director Education and Certification Program”, UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, and awarded “Certified Director.”