Operations Changes


If your business has been battered by the recession or stressed by high debt,Big River can help you restructure your business while considering all relevant stakeholders by creating a transformation that leads towards growth.

We also help companies that have lost their way,working with senior management to restructure the organization by focusing on key goals of the strategic plan. We also provide guidance to ensure the right people are in the right positions for success.

Work Processes and Systems

A common obstacle to achieving success is inefficient company work processes and systems. We will conduct “day in the life” sessions related to transaction processes across the span of an organization, in order to identify and make necessary changes to workflow and processes, and implement best available technologies thus insuring greater operating efficiencies.

Productivity and Performance

In order to be fully supported throughout the organization, productivity improvement must be a “top down” initiative that starts with senior management.

Big River can help implement essential processes for improvement, and corresponding measurement systems, that insure full employee involvement and active participation.